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At Long Last….

Despite political wranglings and machinations, 22 new Rabbinic Court  judges (dayanim) were recently appointed to the Rabbinic Court (Beit Din) system in Israel. This is the judicial forum in which all Jewish couples in Israel must divorce (divorce in the … Continue reading

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As readers even slightly familiar with Family Law in Israel know,  in Israel there exists a system of more or less parallel jurisdiction between religious courts (Muslim, Jewish and some Christian groups) and the Family Court. Thus, a Jewish couple … Continue reading

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Vaxing Public Policy

As with many Western countries, Israel also has it’s share of “anti-vaxxers”. I know such people, but didn’t really think that it was an issue on the radar of policy-makers until I saw this article in the Times of Israel. … Continue reading

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Tribute to the Moms

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the US and Canada, and Rabbi Elchanan Poupko has written an important, if not to say sensitive, article in the  Jewish Press, A Tribute to Orthodox Single Moms. Well worth reading, and I dedicate this … Continue reading

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Pre-Nups in the News

I’ve written a number of times about pre-nuptial agreements in general and specifically, halachic pre-nuptial agreements intended to prevent issues of refusal to give or accept a get, a Jewish bill of divorce. The Tzohar organization in Israel has recently … Continue reading

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Free-Range Sabras

Inspired by the recent ruckus in the United States over “free-range parenting” as opposed to “helicopter parenting” Jessica Steinberg of the Times of Israel has written an interesting – anecdotal – article describing the freedom given to Israeli children. Every … Continue reading

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Wanting Out

One of my earlier blogposts was entitled Aliya and Shaky Marriages, about the pitfalls of making aliya in the hope of saving a bad marriage. (Spoiler alert: it’s a bad idea). A recent decision by Judge Rivka Makayes of the … Continue reading

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