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Shana Tova

May the year ahead be a year of health, happiness and wise choices for each and every one of us, the kinds of choices that place us among those who choose life. Shana Tova. Advertisements

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Living with Doubt

Here’s a question for everyone out there: Would you rather live with doubt or certainty? Now take it a step further: if you had doubts about the paternity of a child you treated as your own, would you want a … Continue reading

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Apples and Honey

Less than two weeks to go until Rosh Hashana. The folks at Ein Prat have done it again, a great video to set us to thinking about the upcoming holiday. Enjoy!

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Golden Silence?

Your ex is bad-mouthing you. What do you tell the kids? Good title for an article, and I hoped to find in it some wisdom with which to share with my clients, who, not surprisingly, frequently ask me this question. … Continue reading

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Brotherhood of Torment

I have written a number of times about the trend in Israeli Family Law to file tort cases against recalcitrant spouses; men who will not give a get (Jewish divorce), or women who will not accept one. (See for example, … Continue reading

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Bad Hair Day – Very Bad

I’m sure that readers are somewhat surprised to see an ad featuring a woman with a black eye, hovered over by a husband/boyfriend unrepentantly holding out a necklace as a peace-offering? penance? in a blog written by someone who has … Continue reading

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Juggling with One Hand

  I ran across this comic which gets at the sense that kids growing up in single-parent homes may have about their “differentness”. Whether or not the author intended to, he also alludes to the feelings of inadequacy – and … Continue reading

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