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Women and the Public Square

I  have a couple of posts cooking about some of the usual subjects, but felt that could no longer stay silent on an issue that is currently the hot topic in Israeli media and on the street – what’s being … Continue reading

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The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Since we’re entering the peak of holiday season both in Israel and elsewhere, this article on spousal generosity caught my eye. For those of you who have been married (and married well) for a while, the findings of this study … Continue reading

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Beat Back the Shadows

I’m posting The Fountainheads’ new Chanuka video which is, as ever, entertaining and meaningful. Some of the lyrics struck a chord with me, particularly, the title of this post, Beat Back the Shadows. The image this conjured in my mind … Continue reading

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Legislative Saga

I posted previously about efforts to pass legislation intended to force Rabbinic Courts to move to impose sanctions on recalcitrant husbands faster than they currently do (read: almost never). According to an article in the Jerusalem Post, it appears that … Continue reading

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But is She Happy?

This article in CNN couldn’t help but catch my eye: Hong Kong (CNN) — A Hong Kong judge ordered a wealthy real estate mogul to pay his former wife $154 million in one of the city’s largest divorce settlements. The divorce … Continue reading

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