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Rainy Days

I’ve dealt with many sad issues and families over the years; people in abusive relationships, parents alienated from their children, children being hurt by parents. How people manage to cope, rise above the pain and create lives for themselves is … Continue reading

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Careful What You Text

A Jerusalem Family Court decision made headlines recently when the court (Judge D. Tepperberg) awarded damages to a young Muslim woman who was divorced in a most unusual way; the couple separated while she was pregnant with their first child, … Continue reading

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What’s Eating our Community?

Last night I went to an evening dedicated to raising awareness about eating disorders in the Orthodox Jewish community. The evening was hosted by Shearim College of Jewish Studies as a service to the community, and Shearim is to be … Continue reading

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Wonderful Update

In a post in late December entitled “Can I Have my Mommy Back” I wrote about a Jerusalem Family Court decision which accepted a suit that I filed on behalf of a woman who had relinquished legal guardianship over her … Continue reading

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Whither to Court: Judge or Dayan?

There are many aspects of practicing Family Law in the Jewish State which complicate an area which is already complicated enough. I’ve written elsewhere about some of the frustrations of working in a system where there are parallel tracks – … Continue reading

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Missiles in the Negev

I just wanted to take a minute to say that our thoughts and prayers are with our brothers and sisters in the Negev. Last night Grad missiles were fired on at least two towns. Miraculously, no one was seriously injured. … Continue reading

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