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The Stench of Divorce

A number of weeks ago I posted a poem, in Hebrew, by a friend, Dr. Bayla Shorr. I recently mentioned to her that I had thought of posting another poem, the title of which I have translated as the stench … Continue reading

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Gender-Free Baby – Pushing the Post-Modern Envelope

After a day of running around I finally sat down at my desk, browsed some newsites to catch up on the news (an Israeli malediction), when this item below, about a couple raising their child with no gender, caught my … Continue reading

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Get a Life

Some of the best advice one can give a friend (or a client) in divorce proceedings is – get a life. There are those who get into divorce proceedings, and the ongoing fight has all kinds of collateral benefits for … Continue reading

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Precious Privacy

There’s an ongoing discussion in our household about the pros and cons of Facebook and other social networking tools. I”ll spare you the details of the arguments, but basically, the detractors (or shall I say, detractor) feel that two critical … Continue reading

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Happy birthday Israel. Today is what is known in Israel as Yom Ha’Atzmaut, independence day. So, our young state is not terribly young any more, 63, which for human beings (these days) is kind of middle-aged plus, but for countries, … Continue reading

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The Poetry in Divorce

When people make the decision to embark on divorce proceedings, I often tell them to write down the difficult things in their marriage that brought them to this decision. One of the reasons I recommend this is so that in … Continue reading

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Suing for Freedom

Ha’aretz had an article last week on the trend to sue for damages in cases where a recalcitrant spouse – generally a husband – refuses to give a get. I’ve posted about this trend a number of times, but felt … Continue reading

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