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Angry Brides

I was aware of the widespread custom on dowries in Indian society, but wasn’t so aware of the violence which appears to be an integral part of the custom. An article in CNN describes a new video game by an … Continue reading

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Honourable Justice

Life in Israel is endlessly complex, and for a long list of reasons, among them they heterogenous cultural palette of the country. Anyone in the justice system must first and foremost be cognizant of cultural distinctions and then be sensitive … Continue reading

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Don’t Stop Me

In response to the controversy in their community about marginalizing women in the public sphere, some women in Beit Shemesh decided on a show of girl-power. (I’ve put in a better quality video than originally posted.)

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Nice Enough to Divorce

Many years ago, a cousin of my grandmother’s here in Israel said to a family member who was ¬†at the time searching for her soulmate, “Make sure you marry someone nice enough to divorce.” At the time I thought it … Continue reading

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