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Cleaned Out

In this, the final stretch before Passover, a time of year in which many Jewish families scrub their homes from top to bottom to rid them of any little drop of chametz (unleavened bread), I couldn’t resist the temptation to … Continue reading

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Vulnerable Women, Protected Weapons

For those of us not citizens of the United States, the ease with which Americans can procure and use firearms, and the noise of the debate about those issues, are surprising to say the least. Restrictions that we more or … Continue reading

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Leap of Bad Faith

And in the only-in-Israel department, Jerusalem streets were abuzz today with the news that a husband being held in prison for failing to give his wife a get – a Jewish bill of divorce- leapt from the bathroom window of … Continue reading

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Who Owns Surrogacy?

Always tracking the ongoing saga of rapid changes in family life and the very definition of family, I saw an article on the CNN website by Elizabeth Cohen about a conflict between a surrogate mother and the parents who had … Continue reading

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