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Rhetorical Excess

I’ve been away from my computer for a few days, so only just noticed this article which appeared in The Tablet, generally one of my favorite reads. This time however, they missed the mark. The unfortunate title, Israeli Marriage Freedom … Continue reading

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There’s a thread of discussion in our home for many years about “lookists”. What, you may ask, is a lookist? Well, a lookist is someone, generally a man, who rather that wanting to know a person is from the inside … Continue reading

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Motherless Child

In the olden days, a motherless child was generally a foundling, a child whose birth mother abandoned it for some or other reason. That’s not the case in a recent decision by Judge Geula Levin of the Beersheva Family Court. … Continue reading

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Silence is Golden

Though I know that there’s a lot of wisdom out there – including from social workers and judges – that when there’s high conflict post-divorce, the responsibility rests equally on the shoulders of both parties. From my experience, while that’s … Continue reading

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