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Lethal Narrative

There’s a very good article by Tim Stelloh in today’s online edition of The New Republic. I don’t have time to comment on the article, but it’s a thoughtful and illuminating discussion of a successful Maryland program for risk assessment … Continue reading

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Make Me a Match

Found a great clip in The Guardian today from Simone Lia’s graphic novel about looking for a match. Seems the British have their own kind of shidduch crisis. Take a look and enjoy!  

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Great Judicial Policy

Judge Assaf Zagury of the Family Court in Tiberias recently gave a very good decision, which you can see, in Hebrew, here. . I think that it is significant for at least couple of reasons. First, although it’s not the … Continue reading

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Test-Drive Marriage

In the olden days of the seventies, back when I was an adolescent, it was, to state the obvious, the aftermath of the sixties; the old rules had changed, new forms evolving, and one of the “truths” floating around our … Continue reading

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The Paschal Parents

For those of you looking for a way to enjoy the last moments of Pesach relaxation, I highly recommend Leon Wieseltier’s brilliant review of the New American Haggadah, edited by Jonathan Safran Foer and featuring a translation by Nathan Englander. … Continue reading

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Financial Strain, Family Stress

The economy in the US still hasn’t recovered from the blows of 2008. Fortunately, we in Israel weathered that particular storm far better than many other developed countries, but the social protests of last summer and the latest report presented … Continue reading

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