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Halachic Pre-Nuptials: A Step Forward

For that small number of people who watch these things and get excited about them, there’s been a buzz in the air about a decision in December 2012 by a Connecticut judge ruling that he had subject matter jurisdiction to … Continue reading

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Election Day

A savvy young man I know suggested that since today we’re having elections for the 19th Israeli Knesset (and thus prime minister as well), no doubt a few candidates awoke this morning with this song running through their heads (thanks … Continue reading

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Spare the Children

I don’t generally touch on political issues in this blog, but the unbridled cynicism of Vladmir Putin in banning US adoptions of children in Russian orphanages in order to get back at the US for taking steps to impose sanctions … Continue reading

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Don’t Call Us

How many lawyers out there have had clients complain they are receiving calls at all hours of the night, certain it’s their spouse/ex-spouse or an agent acting on their behalf? I’m sure that all of you out there reading this … Continue reading

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Don’t have time to comment on this, but can’t resist sharing this little article I just ran across. Perhaps one of the more apt examples of the old adage: No good deed goes unpunished. Kansas: Sperm Donor Is Ordered to … Continue reading

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Made to Pay

The question as to why parents ordered to pay child support – generally the fathers – fail to do so is a book that has yet to be written. The New York Times recently featured an article on the top … Continue reading

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