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Honor-Shame and Judges

I don’t want to surprise anyone out there, but sometime judges make mistakes, big mistakes. And I’m not talking about questionable legal reasoning, but human errors that have unacceptable ramifications for our clients. This might range from a judge who … Continue reading

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Free Advice

Get a lawyer. If you’re in, or considering divorce proceedings that is. As you’ve probably figured out, while this advice is free, taking the advice will cost you money. But here’s the catch;in the long run it will save you … Continue reading

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A Novel Approach

Sometimes you need humour to get along in this business.   We should all have a happy, productive week.

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Catch that Bus!

I’ve been ploughing my way through the recent Supreme Court decision regarding segregated buses. Yes, for those of you who haven’t been following this, Israel does have segregated buses, but not for people of colour and white guys, and not … Continue reading

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Pet Peeve: And Here’s Why (Really)

Yesterday I wrote about one of my pet peeves, if not my all time pet peeve of the local court system, injunctions against leaving the country, particularly as used by the Family Courts against children. Although I related in the … Continue reading

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Pet Peeve

I recently ran across a decision from the District Court of the Central District (Justice Varda Plaut) sitting as a court of appeal on a decision from the Kfar Saba Family Court (Justice Miri Krauss). You can find a copy … Continue reading

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I’ve encountered many heroes and heroines in my years in the field. People who overcome obstacles, who keep smiling despite the difficulties weighing them down, who prefer to praise rather than lament, people who manage to make themselves emotionally available … Continue reading

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