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Wanting Out

One of my earlier blogposts was entitled Aliya and Shaky Marriages, about the pitfalls of making aliya in the hope of saving a bad marriage. (Spoiler alert: it’s a bad idea). A recent decision by Judge Rivka Makayes of the … Continue reading

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Fight or Flight: The Temptation and the Cost

We’ve all been there. That email you just don’t open because you don’t want to see what’s in it; the phone call from the bank manager you don’t pick up; running away from something or someone because we just don’t … Continue reading

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Pet Peeve: And Here’s Why (Really)

Yesterday I wrote about one of my pet peeves, if not my all time pet peeve of the local court system, injunctions against leaving the country, particularly as used by the Family Courts against children. Although I related in the … Continue reading

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Can I Have My Mommy Back?

A few months ago I received a judgment in a case which is, to the best of my knowledge, a precedent that opens the door to the Family Court declaring void provisions in divorce agreements where a parent – basically … Continue reading

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