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Fight or Flight: The Temptation and the Cost

We’ve all been there. That email you just don’t open because you don’t want to see what’s in it; the phone call from the bank manager you don’t pick up; running away from something or someone because we just don’t … Continue reading

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Life in Jerusalem

Yesterday we were thrown back to the bad old days of the intifada, when we’d hear sirens screeching through the streets, know something was wrong, and wait for the phone calls from family and friends checking in to ensure us … Continue reading

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Made in Heaven – Israeli Style

I haven’t been posting since work is busy and it’s pre-Purim season so there’ s a lot of running around with preparations. However, I spotted an interesting article this morning by Michelle Goldberg in The Tablet, a great online magazine, … Continue reading

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Be Happy – It’s Adar

The Jewish month of Adar is when we celebrate Purim, and there’s a special command to be particularly happy during the month. With that in mind, it’s time to take a break from domestic violence, all kinds of abuse, and … Continue reading

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I received two comments over the past couple of days, and will take the opportunity to post them here. The first was from a couple of film-makers making an animated film about domestic violence. I’m not endorsing, expressing an opinion … Continue reading

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Name, Blame and Claim: The Abuse Continues

Thinking a lot these days about domestic violence, since unfortunately, it’s a topic which has been in the news a great deal this week. Earlier this week, two women were killed, one by her husband and the second by her … Continue reading

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