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Pre-Nups in the News

I’ve written a number of times about pre-nuptial agreements in general and specifically, halachic pre-nuptial agreements intended to prevent issues of refusal to give or accept a get, a Jewish bill of divorce. The Tzohar organization in Israel has recently … Continue reading

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Rhetorical Excess

I’ve been away from my computer for a few days, so only just noticed this article which appeared in The Tablet, generally one of my favorite reads. This time however, they missed the mark. The unfortunate title, Israeli Marriage Freedom … Continue reading

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Spare the Children

I don’t generally touch on political issues in this blog, but the unbridled cynicism of Vladmir Putin in banning US adoptions of children in Russian orphanages in order to get back at the US for taking steps to impose sanctions … Continue reading

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Children for Everyone

An article in The Tablet caught my eye this morning, which is about the pro-natal atmosphere and social policies in Israel. The article deals with very liberal policies towards conjugal rights of the Prison Service and the courts in Israel, … Continue reading

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Made in Heaven – Israeli Style

I haven’t been posting since work is busy and it’s pre-Purim season so there’ s a lot of running around with preparations. However, I spotted an interesting article this morning by Michelle Goldberg in The Tablet, a great online magazine, … Continue reading

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