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Pre-Nups in the News

I’ve written a number of times about pre-nuptial agreements in general and specifically, halachic pre-nuptial agreements intended to prevent issues of refusal to give or accept a get, a Jewish bill of divorce. The Tzohar organization in Israel has recently … Continue reading

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Wedding Bills

No, not the kind you pay, the kind that are passed by the legislature, in this case, the Israeli Knesset. Knesset elections were held most recently on January 22, 2013, and it took a while for a new government to … Continue reading

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Not Getting the Point

Yesterday I posted about initiatives emerging in response to the failure of the State’s Rabbinic establishment. Today, much to my chagrin, there was a news item that the Religious Services Ministry has banned rabbis from the organization, Tzohar, from performing … Continue reading

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Given the failure of the Rabbinic Court system to respond effectively to the problems with the divorce process with Jews in the State of Israel in general, and specifically with the problem of recalcitrant spouses – generally husbands – the … Continue reading

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