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At Long Last….

Despite political wranglings and machinations, 22 new Rabbinic Court  judges (dayanim) were recently appointed to the Rabbinic Court (Beit Din) system in Israel. This is the judicial forum in which all Jewish couples in Israel must divorce (divorce in the … Continue reading

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Litigating for God

I recently had the pleasure of attending the annual AFCC conference, held this year in Los Angeles. It was a reinvigorating to hear great presentations, interesting new research and fresh perspectives on the kinds of issues we grapple with on … Continue reading

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Supremely Appalled

The Supreme Court in Israel recently delivered a decision which strikes a blow to unfettered jurisdiction by the Beit Din –the Rabbinical Court – and to the notion that any document entitled “divorce agreement” does in fact lay within the … Continue reading

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With Who? on Your Side

Anyone who works with families of divorce, whether lawyer, judge or therapist, must be acutely aware of the phenomenon known as Parental Alienation. I’ll skip the controversy as to whether it should be referred to as a syndrome, disorder, or … Continue reading

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