Artscroll – Getting the Point

Further to my post of a few days ago about Gital Dodelson, the young woman being denied a get by her husband, turns out the public pressure on Artscroll and the recalcitrant husband’s family has made an impact.

According to the Artscroll blog, the husband’s father and uncle have resigned from Artscroll:

For the least several months, we have invested enormous time and effort to facilitate a mutually acceptable outcome to the very sad matter of the Weiss-Dodelson differences. We have been motivated by one desire: to help bring about a get so that Gital and Avrohom Meir can build new futures for themselves and so that their child should be provided for in the most positive manner, for his benefit. Unfortunately, these efforts have not yet borne fruit.

In order to avoid further distraction from the harbotzas haTorah of ArtScroll/Mesorah, Rabbis Yosaif Asher and Yisroel Weiss have decided to give up their positions with our firm until this situation is resolved. Their letter to this effect is attached.

May our shared hope be fulfilled: that Hashem will provide all parties with the wisdom and good will to bring a peaceful conclusion to this tragic situation, and may Klal Yisrael everywhere come together and enjoy the blessings of peace.

Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz

Anyone interested can take a look at the letter from the father and uncle which is attached to Rabbi Zlotowitz’s piece.

Let’s hope that this is a giant step towards Gital receiving her get and moving forward.


Well, since the pressure on Artscroll and the Weiss family employed there hasn’t yet delivered the get into Gital’s hands, Gital’s supporters are upping the ante and considering pressure on the husband’s family’s yeshiva, Yeshiva of Staten Island. Not only does the husband ostensibly learn Torah there, but his grandfather, Rabbi Reuven Feinstein, is the dean.

From an article in the Times of Israel:

But together they may have resigned from ArtScroll, the Weisses also continue to defend the actions of Avrahom Meir Weiss, arguing that “the campaign of slander leveled against our families, including the heinous desecration of G-d’s Name recently perpetrated by the Dodelson family, are based on untruths and lies.”

The letter confirmed Dodelson’s supporters’ fears — even the very public removal of the Weisses from ArtScroll was insufficient to pressure the family into delivering Dodelson’s get. But with over 13,000 “likes” on a Facebook page in support of Gital and a victory under their belt, the campaign to “Free Gital” will now target the Yeshiva of Staten Island.

I read the letter, which is posted on the Artscroll blog, and have to say that my reaction was also one of disappointment. There are no two sides when a get has been withheld for years, any “slander and heinous desecration of G-d’s name” appear to exist due to the failure of the young man to release his wife. Both can be halted immediately with a simple action that will be over in an hour or two.

The notion that because there are other issues outstanding anyone is justified in not giving or receiving a get, is at once amoral and indefensible.
Substantive disputes can be resolved by the competent tribunal.

“We have confirmation from a trusted party that the ArtScroll board heard us loud and clear, and they did exactly what we asked of them,” wrote one of the activists who run the “Free Gital” Facebook page. “It’s now time to move on from ArtScroll and put our focus on the Yeshiva of Staten Island, where Avrohom Meir Weiss is in Kollel, despite the Kol Koreh stating that he should not be allowed.”

The kol koreh – a general proclamation issued by respected religious figures — called upon community institutions, including explicitly the yeshiva run by his grandfather, Rabbi Reuven Feinstein, to shun Weiss until he gives Dodelson a get.

No such action has been taken. Now, Dodelson’s supporters are calling the Staten Island Yeshiva to ask for Weiss’s removal — a difficult request for a yeshiva run by his mother’s family. As an additional step, supporters are being encouraged via Facebook to work to disinvite the yeshiva’s head from guest appearances at local synagogues. Supporters have already contacted a Highland Park, New Jersey, synagogue that is expected to host Feinstein this Saturday night, asking it to withdraw its invitation to Feinstein.

Let’s hope that the next thing I post on this subject is that there is nothing else to post, since Mr. Weiss has done the right thing.

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