Blame Game

Last week was colored by a sad and tragic event, since Nava Chen, a resident of the Tel Mond, was killed this week, apparently by a former boyfriend who, we can only assume, wouldn’t accept the fact that she had broken up with him.

The murderer fled the scene of the crime on Tuesday, and was only apprehended hiding out in some ruins in Ashkelon on Thursday.

There is much blame being apportioned, and fingers pointed at the police who, prior to the murder, could not locate him following a number of threats that he had made against Ms. Cohen. Apparently, either the police or social services felt that she was in such acute danger that they wanted to refer her to a woman’s shelter, but she did not want to go; from what I understood, the shelter would not have been appropriate for her older two children, so she preferred to stay at home.

As for me, I feel that in any discussion of apportioning blame, at the top of the list is the murderer. Anything else may be contributing factors, but the bottom line is that we have an obsessive, crazy, narcissist, who can’t let his former girlfriend live in peace.

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