There’s a thread of discussion in our home for many years about “lookists”. What, you may ask, is a lookist? Well, a lookist is someone, generally a man, who rather that wanting to know a person is from the inside out, makes their determination about the other person (or generally about the woman) based primarily, if not exclusively, on how they look.

By virtue of the fact that we are human beings, we all engage in this to some degree or another. Nonetheless, there are those who would argue that it’s become rampant, and is even responsible to some extent for what those of us in Jewish circles refer to as “the shidduch crisis” . No doubt living in a consumer-driven culture with constant exposure to fictitious lives of our favorite television and movie heroes, the phenomenon gets worse.

Here is Dustin Hoffman’s incredibly real and touching take on this (hat tip: CR):

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One Response to Lookists

  1. rlandes says:

    wow. in relation to the shidduch crisis, i think many people are out there looking for their beshert (their chosen one), and as long as the first (and most important) criterion is looks, they may never recognize that person even though they meet.

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