Mothers on the Mind

It appears Israel is the 25th best country in which to be a mother, the Times of Israel reported today:

Israel was ranked 25th on a list of countries where it is best to be a mother and have children, in an extensive study for the Save the Children charity, published Tuesday. The US came in five places lower, at 30; the UK was at 23.

Anyone interested in looking at the Save the Children‘s full report, can find it here. The full list of rankings is on page 69 of the report. Seems that we are in better shape than Japan, the US and Luxemburg (of all places, I sort of thought everything was fairy-tale perfect there), but that Greece, Estonia and Slovenia rank higher than us.

No matter, I still think it’s a phenomenal place to be a mom. Of course, you have to have thick enough skin not to take offense when perfect strangers tell you that your child is over/under dressed, when someone who has no clue when your baby last ate informs you with certainly that she’s crying because she’s hungry,  or admonishes you for not having your child’s rash taken care of when  in fact you’re on the way back from the dermatologist. It’s all part of the fun and challenge of living with one large over-extended family.

And, in anticipation of Mother’s Day for those of you living in North America, here’s an offering from The Forward, which asked readers to describe Jewish mothers in just six words:

You met a boy? Jewish, right?
— Olivia Bercow, 21, Miami Beach, about Julie Russin Bercow

Leaned out, leaned in, leaned on.
— Gabrielle Birkner, 34, New York, about Roni Lang

She’s older. Now I’m the worrier.
— Bob Wolf, 62, Chappaqua, N.Y., about Annette Wolf

You shtopt my soul with character.
— Edgar Weinstock, 71, Brooklyn, about Libby Weinstock

Unconditional love but hates my outfit.
— Karyn Gershon, 51, Wilmette, Ill., about Gloria Grossman

Strong, independent rethinker of tuna casserole.
— Ari VanderWalde, 35, Los Angeles, about Joan VanderWalde

She is lox to my schmear.
— Lauren Rosen, 42, New York, about Doris Rosen

Strudel, soup, challah — remembering the taste.
— Joan Hollander, 84, Siasconset, Mass., about Rose Swit

She’d divorce Dad for Jon Stewart.
— Danielle Klein, 20, Toronto, Ontario, about Wendy Klein

My father is the Jewish mother.
— Annette Powers, 40, Brooklyn, about Edward Powers

Welcome home. Want something to eat?
— Naomi Adland, 27, Brooklyn, about Gale Adland

You want I should worry yet?
— Rachel Gorman, 33, Morrisville, Pa., about Louis Astern

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