Our Lives

Someone once described life in Israel as performing heart surgery on a surfboard.

I don’t know if I’d go that far, but certainly the pace of things here is incredibly fast, and those of us who live here need to juggle conflicting experiences and emotions on an almost constant basis.

So, while I was having the amazing experience of participating in the five day  Wheels of Love bike ride, a fundraiser for Jerusalem’s Alyn Hospital,  the fourth evening of the ride found us in the city of Beersheva, just in time for Operation Pillar of Defense. Instead of a good night’s sleep the night before our ascent to Jerusalem, we were awoken four times by sirens which told us that we needed to go to a secure area to protect ourselves from missiles being lobbed in our direction.

By contrast, on the previous day, the third day of the ride,  we ended our day in Mitzpeh Ramon, and I made sure to get out of bed early the next morning so I could catch the wonder of the place at dawn.

Now, post bike ride and post what we hope will be an operation which ensures the safety and tranquility of all the residents of Israel, particularly those in the South, it’s back to the world of courts, beit din and all the other activities and concerns which make up our lives in “normal” times – whatever that may be in this little corner of the world.

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