Dancing Revolution

The playwright Eve Ensler is part of a newly-launched campaign, One Billion Rising, which seeks to create a dancing uprising against violence against women.

In an article published in today’s Guardian, she describes the campaign:

Right now one out of every three women on the planet will be raped or beaten in her lifetime. That is a UN statistic. That is equivalent to one billion women and girls.

There are two possible futures.

One is a future without women, where rape is so prevalent that it kills love and tenderness and intimacy and connection. Right now, for example, in Congo and other war zones, there are thousands of children who are the product of rape, exiled and rejected like a foreign species.

Then there is the other future. It begins on 14 February, 2013. It begins as we prepare for One Billion Rising, a call to the billion women who have been violated and the men who love them, to the women who have been beaten and raped and mutilated and burned and sold and who know the destruction of the female species heralds the end of human kind. A call to walk out of your homes, your jobs, your schools and find your friends, your group, your place and music and dance. A global dance action, our feet on the earth. And in these months leading to One Billion Rising we will link our issues and stories and villages and cities to the dancing.

I’m posting the video produced to launch the project, and warn in advance, that some of the images are difficult to watch.

Is dancing enough? Surely not. But a high-profile media campaign, willing to confront all forms of violence against women is an important step in giving women a voice, and empowering them to fight back.

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2 Responses to Dancing Revolution

  1. Roz /Rahel says:

    Wow, Esther!! Thank you for this post. This is painful to watch but powerful. I was never abused but I want to dance in solidarity. They will feel stronger just by changing the energy surrounded with the abuse from victim to liberated creative woman ….. what a wonderful idea.

  2. shaananlaw says:

    Definitely go out and dance!

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