Beat Back the Shadows

I’m posting The Fountainheads’ new Chanuka video which is, as ever, entertaining and meaningful.

Some of the lyrics struck a chord with me, particularly, the title of this post, Beat Back the Shadows. The image this conjured in my mind was of many women I have represented who have managed to emerge from abusive relationships; as they move forward, they need to contend with the shadows that often creep up on them as they make their way in the world. These shadows may set them back, but if recognized for what they are, can also be beaten back.

On a slightly more positive note, the other line which appealed to me was: “Knowing the world’s going to light up for you.” Often in early meetings with women in abusive relationships, they will describe a pattern of abuse in ways that make it seem part of the natural course of the world, or worse, something they deserve. When I hear that, what I try to convey to them is that they were not put in this world to be harmed and trampled on.

So what I wish everyone, is that their part of the world will shine a light for them, and that all we emerge from the shadows –  those we have made for ourselves, those others have made for us, or some combination of the two.

Enjoy the performance. Shabbat shalom and a happy Chanuka.

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One Response to Beat Back the Shadows

  1. Rivka says:

    Your thoughts and the musical thoughts are so healthy!! Thanks.Rivka

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