The Stench of Divorce

A number of weeks ago I posted a poem, in Hebrew, by a friend, Dr. Bayla Shorr. I recently mentioned to her that I had thought of posting another poem, the title of which I have translated as the stench of divorce, but was concerned that it would evoke some visceral responses.

The poetess encouraged me to post it, and another friend who went through a divorce also felt there is an important message in the poem.

The poem, the stench of divorce, evoked in me that sense that people who have divorced or who are going through divorce, may have of being persona non grata, gazed upon in polite horror by those around them.

In thinking about this, I was reminded of something a young woman told me. In the year following her parents’ divorce she said, she knew things had changed by the drastic reduction in the number of Mishloah Manot (baskets of treats sent to others in the community on the festival of Purim) received by her family the year following the divorce.

Incidentally, the inspiration for this poem for those who are interested, is Tractate Gittin 86b.

ריח הגט

איך זה

ריח הגט

ריח ניחוח


ניצן פורח

פרי רקוב

קפה טחון

חלב חמוץ

איך זה

ריח תינוק טרי

קשיש גוסס

רצפה שטופה



יש לי את זה

ריח הגט

אני יודעת

ממבט העל

והאף הרוטט

של החברה

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