Gender-Free Baby – Pushing the Post-Modern Envelope

After a day of running around I finally sat down at my desk, browsed some newsites to catch up on the news (an Israeli malediction), when this item below, about a couple raising their child with no gender, caught my eye:

Seems to be the ultimate in post-modernism; there is no objective reality, it’s all a construct of the mind.

Well, I hope this poor child does alright with the construct of his/her mind. Couldn’t help noticing how her/his sister looked on at him/her in the video. Wonder what this particular social experiment will do to her?

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3 Responses to Gender-Free Baby – Pushing the Post-Modern Envelope

  1. must read: Steven Pinker, The Blank Slate

  2. urban legend from the 70s:
    this couple is talking animatedly about how they’ve given trucks to their girl and she loves them, thus proving that this blather about boys and trucks and girls and dolls is nonsense. they call to her: “Moonbeam come show our guests your truck.” and the girl comes in with a truck rapped in a blanket which she’s feeding with a baby bottle.
    i guess as long as radical egalitarianism is the place “idealists” go, we’ll continue making the same mistakes over and over.

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