The Marriage Gap – An American Study

I came across an interesting article this week: “When Marriage Disappears: The Retreat from Marriage in Middle America.”

You can read it here.

The research shows that growing numbers of “Middle Americans” – basically high-school graduates without great prospects for career advancement – are not getting or staying married at the same rate as better-educated and more affluent Americans. The article then goes on to discuss the ramifications of the trend for social cohesion and social equality.

The demographics are very different from Israel, since we don’t have that gap here, and to the best of my knowledge, divorce and non-marriage rates are higher among the better-educated. However, it’s a trend to watch, since it may that among the non-observant working poor in Israel we may soon see the same trend. In fact, it may already exist, just no one has spotted it.

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3 Responses to The Marriage Gap – An American Study

  1. slowly making our way to Israel, BH says:

    i have seen this often in my area of ny state. Financial, counter culture morals and social reasons result in many choosing not to marry. I think social internet networking has also inhibited intimate face to face relations. Rather than risk divorce, many people also simply live together.

    Hope this doesn’t happen in Israel!!

  2. shaananlaw says:

    Interestingly, at the conference I attended yesterday someone cited a statistic that only 15% of the couples in Israel are unmarried. I was actually surprised. And of course, Israelis continue to have children at a higher rate than most Western countries.

  3. slowly making our way to israel, BH :) says:

    only 15%?? that sounds almost idyllic.

    the divorce rate is much lower in Israel too. the usa has abt a 50% divorce rate.

    israel is therefore doing many things right 🙂

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